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limit of hard Drive space for Vista


I recently found out that there is a 2TB limit of hard Drive space for Windows XP. Does anyone know what the limit is with Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (32-bit), because I have a Media PC & want to eventually have more than 2TB of space.

Thank you,
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  2. Thank you for the reply, but...

    ok that made no sense, lol something in english please. I am not a computer tech.

    can you explain, so what is limit for Vista ?

    Thank you,
  3. Taken from that article:

    The maximum partition (and disk) size is a function of the operating system version. Windows XP and the original release of Windows Server 2003 have a limit of 2TB per physical disk, including all partitions. For Windows Server 2003 SP1 Windows XP x64 edition, and later versions, the maximum raw partition of 18 exabytes can be supported. (Windows file systems currently are limited to 256 terabytes each.)

    The answer was there, just not immediately noticable.
  4. Thank you for your replies !

  5. its 2TB on one drive/raid array limitation.
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