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Hello,I've got a windows 2000/windows me (with no service pack) and i realy need something to make my taskbar look more windows 7. So deos anybody know some themes and programs for windows 2000/windows me?
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  1. Which one do you have? Windows 2000 or Windows ME? There is actually a huge difference. Windows 2000 and XP can download something like windows blinds and install theme packs.


    However, you will need to locate a very old version to install on Windows 2000. As for Windows 95,98, and ME... Windows Blinds won't work and is not compatible with the code.
  2. I don't recommend using any OS skinners for Windows, most of the times I tried to use one it either corrupted icons, made the control pannel unusable or messed up window graphics. Live with the interface or upgrade to Win7.
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