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Good-day; I am looking for a GOOD data recovery program. I have purchased both "File Recover" and "Search and Recover 3," both of which were not very good. I deleted my HD in order to do a clean XP install and backed up my data using Roxio's Span Disk. Thinking all was ok, I went ahead with the format - reinstall, only to find the backed up data will not work. Seems Span Disk didn't work and I am unable to retrieve my data. No reply from Roxio either on the prob.
As such I think a data recovery program is my best bet. I would rather not send out my HD as I use my computer daily, (which is another reason I would like to recover my data before it is overwritten too much).
Anyone know of a powerful data recovery program I could purchase?
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  1. Thanks <REMOVED>; I followed your advice and am pleased with <REMOVED> recovery software. Bit expensive but does the job.
    Thanks again!
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