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I can't get XP Pro to install on my PC. It ran fine for 5 years in it's current configuration. I got a virus on it so deleted the HD and went to reinstall XP only it brought up the blue screen of death and wouldn't install. I brought it to a friends who had a definite working copy of XP. We tried his disc twice and when it would get towards the end of installation it would bring the blue screen of death (first time error message said something about IRQ).So then we took a HD of his with a working copy of XP and installed it on my machine. It booted to the screen prompting to choose safe mode or normal. I tried "Start windows normally" and it freezes after showing a progress bar. If I choose "Safe mode" it loads a bunch of files and then freezes in the process.
I figured my MB was bad but for the hell of it we installed Linux on my PC and it installed, booted, and ran applications fine. How can Linux install but not XP?!
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  1. I know there is a genius on here that knows something! please help!!!!
  2. try deleting th partition and once your in windows xp install the drivers, BE SURE to reformat the computer
  3. Could be faulty memory or dodgy PSU. As PSU gets older, components deteriate. Get a copy of memtest86 on bootable CD or floppy and use it to boot your system. Let it run overnight, should give NO errors for a pass. Can you borrow a good PSU to test installing windows on your own drive?

  4. I already completely erased HD and reformatted. I will try the memtest86 and if my old PSU will work I'll try that in the PC. Would it make any difference if I tried updating the bios and drivers for the MB??

    Thanks alot guys
  5. No, it worked before. Never flash BIOS without a good reason.

  6. switching PSU didnt make a difference so then I took out PCI cards I didnt need and removed one of the RAM chips to see if it was bad and I got XP to install but now my mouse wont work!? I boot up and the mouse lights up but then it shuts off when I get to XP login screen. I tried different USB ports and different mouse but same thing happens. I mention the BIOS flash because I think I accidentelly flashed it when I first had this problem. Could this be screwing up the mouse?
  7. How do you accidentally flash the BIOS? What did you do? Did you ever run Memtest86? Dodgy memory will give the problems you describe.

  8. The ram decides alot about if it will work or not. pull your ram out and let it sit for 30 seconds then throw them back in. if that doesnt work take them out again and then put one in, and vise versa to test them out. also go to your hard drives website such as seagate or western digital and download the driver cd to reformat it correctly. doing so many reformats with out the hd driver cd makes the hd's even more picky.
  9. Mouse has to be reinstalled... especially if you moved it to another port. You'll have to use the keyboard to log in from the Welcome screen if it's showing. The mouse drivers will NOT reinstall until you log in... pain in the ass, I know... but I've had it happen a few times.
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