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i installed McAfee security center when i first got my pc. i noticed it didnt detect most virus as i thought. i then decided to install Spyware Doctor, and im very impressed with. the question is, should i uninstall the McAfee or can i just keep the two?does having two programs of the same type slow down my pc?
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  1. You should never run 2 security programs that do the same thing so delete the McAfee
  2. I personally have never had any problems running multiple anti-virus programs. Maybe I'm just lucky

  3. but they can clash easily and create more problems
  4. Generally only one Anti-Virus is acceptable otherwise you generate confilct between programs. Using more than one Anti-Spyware is OK and useful though.
  5. I also think that it's OK to have 2 or more antispyware programs as long as your PC is not suffering from a lack of resources.

    What you shouldn't have is either 2 antivirus programs or 2 firewalls
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