Need on help on making live Disk with programs preinstalled

What I am trying to do is to run Halo trial (I know it's an old game, but tons of people still play the multi-player) on a live disk. (Without installing anything on the HD) I know you can play halo trial using fedora (7) and wine tools, but can you get it to work on a live CD?

Also if Halo would be hard/impossible to do because it's a Microsoft game are there any other free games that would work to make a live disk of?

I am relatively new to Linux and I figured this would be a good way to get started.
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  1. You may be able to remaster a Linux Live CD or DVD, such as Knoppix, Ubuntu, or the Fedora Live CD and put the game ( s ) on it.

    The Knoppix CD and DVD comes with free games I believe.

    The Knoppix DVD comes with VegaStrike a space 3D game and many simple games and WINE.

    The Knoppix CD includes several simple games and does include WINE but being a live CD it is a bit harder to get WINE to work.

    WINE allows you to run some windows games and apps.

    Cedega is a commercial version of WINE and officially supports certain games:

    Check it out :)
  2. But for better luck I would recommend you do a full HDD install of Ubuntu and or Fedora.

    It takes about 20min to install and about 20min to an hour to install all the software you need from to get hardware graphics acceleration, all the good stuff and WINE if you choose Fedora.

    Ubuntu has apt-get and family.

    Oh ya Quake and Doom have native Linux versions, also openGL games tend to run better on Linux than D3D games.

    If there is a native Linux version try it first. t_of_open_source_games

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  4. Ok... So my best bet would be to install it to the HD correct? Also when you install something to HD can't you go back and decompile it to make a live disk? Also while looking around I saw Cedega, but you have pay for the service to download it... It was suggested on other threads (In different forums, the thread's weren't made by me) to run it on Cedega, but I never saw anything about making a live disk with Cedega.
  5. Cedega is for installed systems.

    While it may be theoretically possible to make it work on a re-mastered live CD it will probably be rather difficult.

    WINE ( the software Cedega is based on ) is available on Knoppix Live CDs and DVDs.

    However without an accelerated video driver your performance is going to be unacceptably slow.

    Your best bet is to install Fedora and Ubuntu on your HDD, install the accelerated video drivers, the livna stuff for fedora, the optional stuff for ubuntu + WINE + whatever else you want and go from there.

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