i cant install vista

when i trying to setup vista i get the blue screen with message stop (0x000000a5 0x0001000b,0x50434146,0xffd05180,0x00000000
the people tel me i need to update bios but i can't do this because
it's difficult to identical the bios especial the mainboard
Phoenix Technol 6.00 PG
Mainboard: RS485-SB600. what is this?
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  1. First off what brand is your motherboard / computer......... and a little more info would be useful
  2. You need at least 512MB of RAM to install vista.
  3. i have 2 giga of ram
  4. Could you give us more information about your setup?
    (CPU, Mainboard, etc) What version of Vista are you trying to install?
  5. I get the same damn thing..

    and I bet you have the same board as me..

    check my topic out....

  6. ...and you needed to raise a year old thread, why???
  7. erm... as i am having the same problems.... ???
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