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Ok out of the blue today i started up my PC and XP wont boot. It does the usual POST but then right before XP usually loads it says GRUB hard disk error. I tried running to recovery consol and tried the fixmbr command and chkdsk, I also ran Spinwrite to make sure there were no errors everthing came up clean but still i cant boot. Ok so here is where things got a bit weird, i was going to run the recovery console from my XP cd again but when it says hit any key to load from cd, i didnt hit a key in time, and XP booted up from the hard drive like everything was normal again. Once in Xp everything works perfectly fine. But now this is the onlyway I can get XP to boot, I have to choose the cd room from the boot menu and then let it time out when it says hit any key to boot from cd. X will not boot up unless I do this. Any ideas?? I really dont wanna have to do a fresh install I have alot of software on the PC that I dont have disks for. BTW I have two drives on this system, one is a 74gig Raptor which is the disk with XP, the other is a 300gig Maxtor drive I use to store music, videos, pics...etc. Please help im running out of ideas.
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  1. GRUB error? Do you have Linux installed on that computer? If so, it sounds like your bootloader is corrupted and needs to be fixed. If not, do a repair on XP and it will repair the bootloader for you.
  2. I had linux installed a while ago. /i just fixed the problem turns out it was the 300gig storage drive causing the problem. I disconnected it and everything worked fine. Then I loaded xp and plygged the drive back in, shut down XP, then reboted and everything is back to normal. That was very strange.
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