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My printer is on a different PC than the my main PC and for now I am leaving it hooked up there. I am on a wireless home network so I can print from this PC. The challenge is I need to have the other machine on to print. How can I send a document to a network printer without having to turn on the network PC?


Eddie G
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  1. You would need to buy a print server for the printer. They make wireless ones as well as wired ones.

  2. Thank you. Should I pursue this I will use Ebay and go wireless. Are there any models that I should avoid? Other than the Linksys are there any others that you recommend?

  3. The only wireless print server I've used is an HP JetDirect ew2400. It worked well, but it's a little on the pricy side. I'd suggest you browse around NewEgg a bit and look for hardware with some good reviews.

    Good luck!
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