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I did a fresh install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit a few days ago. Everything seemed ok and there were no hiccups during the install.
My problem is when I plug in a USB stick, it doesn't show up in "my computer". First I thought it a bad stick, but I have tried 3 and none work. When I plug it in, I hear the new hardware noise and window pops up saying found new hardware, but then it fails to load it. Device manager accurately names the stick, but windows can't find a driver for it.
All my other USB devices work: mouse, keyboard, 2 printers, digital camera, just not USB storage sticks. An ideas?
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  1. you need a driver for you usb controller. Find out where your computer/motherboard is from. Go to their website and download their drivers for the usb controller. Than restart computer.
  2. did you test the sticks in another pc? and did they work?

    try another usb port--not a front or top of case one--one at the back of the pc thats part of the motherboard not a pci usb card
  3. I have 8 hdds in my pc. There are 8 more hdds connected to my media player that are mapped in my pc as drives. I had a similar problem to yours. I found out the usb stick just didn't have any drive letter left to be assigned to it! Removing the 12-in-one card reader did the trick. Because though the slots in the card reader were empty, each slot reserved a drive letter for itself. I wonder if this is the case with you.
    You may try if you can see the usb stick through computer/manage/disk management
  4. I have 3 hard drives and 3 CD Roms, but it has been that way for years. All of my sticks work in my laptop and none in my desktop after the recent format/reinstall.
    I have gotten all of the drivers form Gigabyte for my EP35C-DS3R mobo and nothing shows up in device manager as unknown(except the stick when installed).
  5. you probably need drivers for the USB stick then if it's doing that.

    have you tried testing if any USB sticks work in the desktop?

    if no usb sticks at all work it will be that you need drivers for usb sticks instead because i had to do that with my X64 win XP install :)

    just search in google "USB pendrive drivers win7 X64"

    here is a link to my donload server where the download for all my drivers with usb in the name:

    hope it helps :)
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