System Information Tool - (Fedora Core 6)

I am looking for a system information viewing sort of tool, similar to EVEREST Ultimate/Corporate and ASTRA32.

I need to be able to find out more information about my computer, the hardware installed, the CPU speed, the total memory installed, etc. CPU is the main thing, if you cannot find such a thing then something which will tell me the speed of my CPU on the computer would be fine for the time being.

I am running Fedora Core 6 on an old machine, has a really loud CPU fan. It used to have Windows 2000 on it but I had to reformat as I couldnt get administrator access to the computer - aka can do nothing that I wanted to do on it!

Also I have these .desktop files on my desktop, are they like saved states of the desktops / desktop settings, etc. or just something which I can delete. Have only really just come up, have booted up a few times before and they have not been there, possibly something about the desktop at the time the computer lost power (accidently stood on the power cable and since the double adapter is a tad dodgy, the computer cable doesnt go in full and can easily come out).

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Hey :)

    The following commands will produce useful info:

    PCI devices:

    lspci -v
    lspci -vv
    lspci -vvv

    CPU info:

    cat /proc/cpuinfo

    Memory Info:

    cat /proc/meminfo

    USB info:


    Kernel messages:

    dmesg | less

    sensors-detect followed by sensors should be able to provide temperature and voltage info if you have compatible sensors on your motherboard.

    Another great tool is lshw:

    And the hardware browser System -> Administration -> Hardware
  2. Thanks, am just loading the computer running Fedora right now, will try in a minute.

    Its amazing how useful and powerful Linux is, yet most have become accustomed to Windows way of life that they cannot do without some Windows only programs and all that. I find Linux great but as a person who has used Windows for his entire life (except for mac at school and all that) it takes a bit of getting used to - especially when you are running a dumb computer with low CPU speed, loud CPU fan and bad graphics card.

    PS - it worked, I am using a 650Mhz CPU, although I cant seem to be able to get back into the visual part of Fedora, everytime I start it goes to a black screen asking for my login details, aka the linux command prompt full screen and unminimisable.
  3. Try:


    at the command line logged in as root and be sure to select the correct VGA card and display.

  4. Was going to try that but then it all of a sudden started to work fine again :(

    Stupid computers!!!!
  5. Use dmidecode on a Fedora system and it will print out all the internal hardware information.
  6. Great suggestion psteege :)

    Unfortunately the forum software has revived yet another ancient thread.

    At least this one is only 2 years old, not like the other one we saw recently which was from 6 or 7 years ago.

    Maybe randomizer can lock it up.

  7. Done and done.
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