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I have recently enrolled in some classes for software engineering that require the use of GCC and a Linux box to compile and debug C/C++ code. At this point I am very familiar with the Microsoft way of doing things in Visual Studio so I am obviously going to be lost if I can't find some good advice.

I do have some Linux experience with Ubuntu but I am thinking about switching to Red Hat. Is there a preferred text editor/debugger that is commonly used to develop apps using the GCC under either of these platforms?
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  1. I was kidding, sort of.

    Check out Eclipse and KDevelop and the frontends to gdb and family.

    If you do switch to redhat try Fedora 7.

    Actually I would recommend both Ubuntu and Fedora, you can have both on the same system and dual boot.

    GL :)
  2. I'm actually going to stick with Ubuntu for now. The instructor recommended using a simple text editor to develop. Perhaps vi wouldn't be such a bad way to go. I would really like to learn that method of programming because it is very pure. However, as a beginner I don't know how easy that will be. I wrote a lot of assembly in my undergrad EE program but we used KEIL and it is a good IDE so it still didn't really give me the gcc rundown.

    If you have any tips or know where a guide to development with vi is located please let me know.

    I am downloading kdevelop right now and also mandriva with KDE included in an iso. Thinking I might try to use mandriva with a live cd and see how that goes. I couldn't get eclipse to work properly for C++ development. It seems I downloaded the wrong version (3.1) and tried to upgrade but got errors for updating using the manager. I then successfully downloaded the later 3.3 version and tried to update again and still no dice. I then tried to do an "apt-get remove eclipse" to wipe clean and try everything over again and it still didn't work.

    Seems kinda lame that I couldn't even get to the point of editing a c file in eclipse. I'm starting to feel scared. :(
  3. eclipse is difficult sometimes, you should have better luck with Kdevelop :)

    Check out:


    for vi info

    remember you can also:

    man vi

    man man

    man gcc

    info gcc
  4. editer: vim

    ide: eclipse with cdt plugin (C/C++ Development Toolkit,CDT)

    in fc:
    yum install eclipse vim
  5. Heh, well right now in my computer microarchitecture class, they are asking us to do some coding to make an assembler for a theoretical architecture, and it has to compile under gcc and run in a Unix system. So, this means that I am giving vim and gcc plenty of love right now ;D

    I do miss the nice graphical debuggers with their breakpoints and single step execution and listing the contents of variables and what not, but at the same time I am learning how to be a hardcore linux user/programmer :D

    I just wanted to show you that you aren't alone in this kstrat, and best of luck to you.

  6. curaga said:
    Nano :D

    Nano FTW :D My fav little editor. Reminds me of the days I use to play with C64 :D
  7. With the exception of syntax coloring :)
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