Windows won't start or reinstall. help?

So here's what's happening:

Try to start windows(XP) normally, it goes to the loading screen with the bar going back and forth, then a flash of blue screen with white text in the corner that goes to fast to read and it restarts.

Tried safe mode. It gets to one of the command lines and just stops. sits there for a while, and restarts.

Tried reinstalling with XP that came with my system(a "recovery" CD), it gets to a point where it says it's analyzing my hard drive/raid set up(I don't have raid set up), and stops. nothing happens.

So any ideas? Did my mobo fry, my hard drive fry, or possibly some sort of virus?

I have norton and have done regular scans, never coming up with anything. I haven't done anything to my system in many months that would warrant something like this. The only thing I was afraid is that as a result of my unplugging the mobo fan a long time ago, it may have finally melted down. but i haven't even been doing much gaming on it.

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  1. I'd start by clearing the CMOS and if that didn't work I'd run the diagnostic/repair software from the mfg website using a floppy
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