Install W2k from a Sata CD drive

Hello you all!

I plan to have a Sata CD/DVD drive on my new config. I've already seen that the W2k installation disk has no difficulties with Sata HDD on this mobo.

Has anybody seen worries related with the interface in this case?

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  1. And I've had no worries.

    Sata Dvd burner is Sony's AD-5200S connected to an ich10r, mobo is Ga-ep45-ud3r with Bios F4. OS are W2k heavily HfSlipped to December 2007 as well as Xp with integral Sp2.

    These combinations worked:
    - Bios in P-Ata compatibility mode, W2k with no F6 driver; boots abnormally slowly;
    - Bios in S-Ata Ahci mode, W2k with BlackWingCat's Ahci/Raid driver used in F6 mode; boots much faster;
    - Bios in S-Ata Ahci mode, Xp with Intel's iastor v8.7 used in F6 mode; boots very fast.
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