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I'm looking for a programming language to start with. I have used Delphi 2007 and have found it simple and efficient.
However, I have seen many application extension(dll) files in the directories of some great programs and games I've used, named msvcpxx or msvcrxx. Does it mean that these programs are built by Microsoft Visual C(++)? If it does please mention some of these programs. And if this is not for all of them, then can anyone state some of the greatest programs produced using Visual C(++)? (I think MSVC is more productive and also more difficult than Delphi?!)

Really Grateful,
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  1. I've played around with Visual C++ at my school, and the only thing you would need it for are managing libraries and ease of interfacing with windows API's, and no beginner could really take advantage of it.(and it costs 600 bucks.) Now, If you're just beginning this, you should know that while C++ is a good language,but i'm unsure if you should begin with it. But if you're going to program anyway, you might not want to learn a beginning language just to 'learn programming theory' and go straight to learning C... I would recommend assembler, because most of those books on it give you an overview of system archetechture. Another thing, dll files are in many programs, they are simply extensions of programs called into use when needed instead of immediately to save space, and for modularity purposes. Visual C++ is not the only program that allows you to use dynamic linkage libraries. Oh, and great programs aren't made by any particular suite of programming tools, but great programmers. You could get the same (if not better performance) from other c++ compilers. Bloodshed C++ comes to mind. http://www.bloodshed.net/dev/devcpp.html. If you have linux, gcc is preinstalled. Anyway, in case you are wondering, the hardest part of C++ is it's built in compatibility witt C, and using API's...

    What i want to know: What are you doing with this stuff?
  2. yeah c++ is great language , I started programming with it. Now i have moved to languages like java and c#. c++ is a good language to start with to understand the programming concepts. I like microsoft visual c++ because of it`s nice IDE you can download the latest express edition from here. It ahas enough features to make good programs.

  3. C++ is an ok language to start with. Although after taking Java for my degree I would say that Java probably a better language to start with since there are so many resources to look at for help. Google "Thinking in Java", there is a free .pdf format book to teach you Java. You can also buy this book as a book also. I started programming in java before I went to college and the 160 dollar book we were required to buy is basically the same thing, just a little more detail.

  4. I started with Python, open-source with no restrictions. It's a nice language and the tutorial's really nice.
  5. For a beginner wanting to program Windows I would go with C# every time. It has most of the advantages of C++ but is much easier to use and provides much better protection againt bugs.

    The Express Edition of Visual C# is free from Microsoft and is a very easy environment to use.
  6. I'd go with C++ simply because it is powerful, widely used, has lots of compilers/IDEs, and can run on multiple platforms with (usually) only minor code changes and recompilation so long as good coding practices are followed. Plus, it's ridiculously fast.

    You can use VC++ express, which pretty much forces you to use .NET for Windows programming (M$ propoganda), or eclipse/kdevelop/qt creator/gcc and a text editor/etc. I would also recommend looking into Qt C++ if you are interested in cross-platform development.
  7. C++ is the most widely used language and gives greater control than Java etc. Java can be used for building web applets but not for desktop computers. It is basically c++ without pointers and some other minor changes.

    Since you have learned Delphi(I don't know much about it) I expect you to pick up c++. It is a powerful and learning it is just about like learning calculus etc. Get a good book like C++ Primer Plus and keep practicing.

    And Microsoft Visual C++ is just an IDE(wiki it if you don't know). It is not 'difficult' or complex or anything like that. You can just as well write a program in a text editor like notepad and compile it with a compiler like GCC. I would say it would be better if you write cross platform applications and learn a few open source API's and get an open source c++ IDE (Kdevelop is coming for windows. I feel that it would be good enough or better than Visual Studio 2005.). Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is growing and is coming upto the standards of non free software (though not in games).

    If you want to try something similar to Delphi in Microsoft, try Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C#. They are very easy to pick up and good enough for developing small apps.
  8. The suggestion depend on what you want to accomplish. If you want to low-level understanding of how a computer works without going as low as assembler, play with plain old C (not C++). If you want to get familiar with Object Oriented Programming, I would suggest Java over C++. If you want to learn something widely used to put on a resume, I would suggest either Java or C++. If you want to contribute to OpenSource projects, I think they are mostly C/C++.

    C# is also in great demand and combines both C++ and Java aspects, but I don't know how easily you will be able to find tools to play with it.
  9. Most universities start out with Python, and move up to C++ for advanced programming techniques. TBH, that worked very well for me, I would do the same.

    I wouldn't start with C#, as it is limited in scope in its application use.

    Java works well too, but I personally recommend python to anyone in your position.
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