Using Postfix: 554 error w/ Squirrelmail, not Thunderbird

I have recently finished setting a PC at my home as a mail server. I can connect to it with Thunderbird or Outlook because I have Dovecot setup as an IMAP server on the same machine. Also, I have Squirrelmail installed to allow basic webmail access.

I can send and receive emails from both client software and using the webmail fine most of the time. However, this morning I found out that if I send an email through my webmail to the domain, I get an immediate 554 error response (SPAM Mail). However, if I send the same email from Thunderbird, it sends just fine.

Any ideas as to how I can make it so that Squirrelmail sends mail so that it is not thought to be SPAM?

OS: Ubuntu 7.04
Software: Postfix, Dovecot (imap), Squirrelmail
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  1. Their spam filter must not like something in the headers.

    Take the full headers from a thunderbird generated email and a squirrelmail email and compare them ( you could use diff ).

    GL :)
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