How do i install the latest driver in vista ?

I'm using vista ultimate now and using ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 8X,
i like to upgrade my graphic card driver, but not successful.
I had try to uninstall the previous driver ( Microsoft Corporation -XDDM )
but every time i haven't finish install my latest driver ,
vista already auto search and install this ( Microsoft Corporation -XDDM ) for me.

I like to ask how to set the vista not to auto install for me,
then i can manually install my own latest driver ?

Thanks for help !
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  1. Need it urgent !!!
    Pls help !
    Thanks !
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    ATI doesn't want you to uninstall any of the MS software, only all of ATI software (and installer). Just verify that there isn't any ATI software installed and then run the ATI setup; everything should install and work fine.

    good luck.
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