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anyone ever remember a strategy where you had these machines collect "spring water" and they would return to the building so you could get currency to build new buildings? And you could upgrade the buildings, and there was 2 sides you could chose, one was good, the other was evil (i think). And there was "plasma turrets"? and human machines, tanks, and flying machines. Very similar to command and conquer? I don't remember the name of this game ..... can anyone remember and let me know that would be awesome? Thanks.
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  1. Plasma turrets? Sounds like Starcraft, but you didn't collect "spring water"... you collected minerals and gas.
  2. Thanks, but I checked that one out already. Its not it. The thing that collected was a truck, and there was a puddle (a couple of them on the map), i think they were "spring water" or some type of mineral, and once the building was built, the truck would go by itself and collect it.

    Usually in a campaign game, the bad guys were the color red (like machines) and the good guys or other team was orange (machines but different types). And the red guys would have some tanks, "terminators", and turrets that shot plasma, and the other group would have tanks, and machines that shot electricity or something of that type. You would also have power levels....... i just can't remember the name of the game or see any photos of it online. I played it back in 1998-2000.
  3. DARK REGIN CAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DARK REIGN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Correction: Dark Reign Cavedog lol
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