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Please help me decide which is the best laptop to purchase for work
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  1. Dell is the best, ASUS is horrible and cheaply built, Toshiba is okay but hard to find parts for, Lenovo's are very finicky and can be hard to work on.
  2. Thats a very biased opinion^ dells have the worst overheating issues in their models with dedicated graphics cards (assuming we are talking about the xps and inspiron models, not alienware)

    Asus is a very reliable brand and they have much better customer support... I once bought a dell online and they shipped it out to the wrong address and when i called asking if it had been shipped out yet they informed me that it arrived at a destination that was not the same as i had entered and they even confirmed that this was their mistake but they would not do anything about it and told me that it was my own problem and if i wanted a laptop then i would have to order, and pay for another one
  3. Toshiba is the best laptop because it has the fast movement
  4. Late Answer, but as far as a WORK computer Lenovo is your best bet. I don't know where penguintech got the idea that Lenovo is finicky and hard to work on. As far as I know, they are the easiest. I live in Round Rock/Austin Area and Dells as far as the eye can see but I still won't pay for one with my own money! I wouldn't recommend a Toshiba either, but they are my second best sellers and not so hard to fix as a dell, but IMHO a bit finickery. On the other hand not so many special one of a kind issues as a dell, hp, or Compaq. My main lappy is a T60p from 2006. Sure I got a newer Lenovo T410, but man, I love my t60p and its Fire GL 5250. Too bad half ass Microsoft graphic drivers for Windows 8. Maybe windows 9 will have drivers LOLz. so for a laptop to last 4 Operating Systems you can't knock it. The only other company to match that is Asus. I'd like an Asus if I bought NEW, but Lenovos are just more plentiful, easier to get used parts for, fairly easy to repair on the road, and have super deep forums.
  5. Actually, I have owned 2 different lenovo's, and both had problems. T61p and T400. The T61p had the inverter burn out after 3 months, then the mousepad stopped working so I upgraded to the T400, board died within 9 months. I have always had dells, and never had anything go wrong with them. I have an old D600 that is still working, a D630 that I handed down because I upgraded to an i5 precision laptop. I have a precision desktop server as my desktop and have not had any problems with it in over 3 years. they are easy to work on, easy to buy parts for on the other hand the lenovo was a pain to replace parts on and find parts for. and being a technician, I see more asus repairs come through our tech benches than just about any other brand. asus is akin to emachines and are just poorly built.
  6. Asus wasnt the best choice some years ago, but now, it has come par to par or even better than dell and hp, my two friends who own asus are totally happy with it, plus their customer support is simply awesome, dell on the other hand, as the guy above mentioned has a really fucked up support, and overheating issues, I have owned more than 4 devices of it, I know what kinda heavy metal crap it is.... Go with Asus or HP(they make better laptops than Dell)
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