Disk Cloning as a backup Strategy

Their seems to be ALOT of software related to disk cloning or imaging for use as a backup software.

I need some input from users that are happy with the disk cloning software they use to help me pick a disk imaging software.

I have a few databases using SQL 05 and Windows Server 2003 that need to be backed up and I'd rather have as close to a plug and play operation as I can if the hard drive decideds to go into the crapper for whatever reason.
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  1. then ur solution for that within 2 softwares and the both almost have the same functions
    1- Symantec Backup Exec Disaster Recovey
    2- Acronis true image

    and once of the best features they both do is, u can take a backup/image of a computer or server ( i.e Dell PowerEdge 2900 ) and restore it on another server with different hardware (i.e HP Proliant DL320 G4 )

    personally, i called one of Symantec partners and they did it infront of my eyes, they took a backup image/clone of an HP Proliant DL320 G4 then they restore it on an HP Desktop dc7600 which is different hardware configuration
  2. I use acronis, I had an old ide hd(200gb), and got a new sata 2 drive(320gb), cloned teh entire drive to sata, and it works just fine, the only issue I had was going from IDE to SATA, but i guess this should be rezolved nowedays, btw acronis had some odd formating methods, so just when You swap the hd's use the win xp to "repair " it, its just one command line, and it worked fine since then, no worries :)....I think it was worth the $50 that I spent on it.
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