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I have Compaq Presario v2000. I did a wipe clean on the hard disk and fdisk + format C:, after a clean install of W98se, I attempted to upgrade to Windows Me. All I get is not enough conventional memory to check my hard disk. and that I need to free some conventional memory before continuing.

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  1. Why would you upgrade to Me???
  2. I tried Windows xp and it locked up. So I tried Me.
  3. Are you booting from the Windows Me CD?
  4. Quote:
    Are you booting from the Windows Me CD?

    No. I'm attempting to up grade from windows98se and I'm getting a notice that setup does not have enough Conventional memory to check hard drive.
  5. Quote:

    Thanks Grumpy, I resolved my problem. I purchased a cheap external floppy disk drive (usb) and was able to upgrade my OS.

    Again, thanks
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