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I have a laptop with windows 2000 installed but it is in japanese.I have tried the regional settings and I can not change it to english.
I can not do a format as the laptop has no CD drive,and I dont have the external USB drive.It is difficult for me to change the language.
PLease help me.
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  1. Hi Omoregie!

    There is no built-in way to change the language of W2k. All settings only change the keyboard settings and a few more. Exception: an English W2k can become multilanguage using the proper MUI, which is hard to find.

    USB: be careful that W2k has a bug that may prevent installing it from an Usb Cd drive. The patch is really hard to find.

    At least European W2k Cd accept keys from other languages.

    What you could try: keep you Japanese on a first volume, and add an English W2k on an other volume of your hard disk drive. Bring the contents of the English installation Cd on your internal HDD, for instance through an external USB HDD, and run the installation from the internal HDD, for instance through a W98 floppy if the volume is Fat or Fat32. Maybe it works also from your running Japanese W2k.

    Anyway, you will definitely need a way to repair or adapt your W2k. A Usb Cd drive is easily found, even a used one at eBay.
  2. Do you have an English keyboard for you laptop?

    You may search one - exactly for your model - at or (other eBays are just too small) or connect an external keyboard through PS2 or Usb.
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