Copying DVD to a Hard drive?

I cannot seem to find what I am looking for in the search. If it is on here I am sorry for reposting. Ok this is what I want to do. I want to set up a computer that has all my DVDs burned to the hard drive. I will than have a few computers staggered around the house to play those from the server. The question is is there a program i need to copy the DVDs to a hard drive to be able to use them? I was looking at a few pakages like Nero and the one Roxio makes, but said it won't copy protected DVDs.

On a side note, what OS would you recommend. I was thinking XP media center or Vista Home Premium. I need something easy on the spouse factor. Also would I need the media center/OS on all the computers or just the one doing the veiwing?


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  1. DVD Shrink is alright I guess. You may want to compress them aswell as the files will be quite large if you do just a straight dump to the drive.

    SmartRipper is another one.
  2. XP Pro. And get xilisoft dvd ripper. key is easily found.

    Convert to something windows movie maker can work with, then convert to the size you like.

    I put Team America on my smartphone :)
  3. DVD Shrink is good. I tried it once and felt good. However, be sure that your computer is up to the requirement and can be idled for several hours... I ran other software while doing the conversion, and failed...
  4. Quote:
    XP Pro

    Why XP?
  5. I use alcohol 120 and love it, copy all my discs to my hdd in .iso format.
  6. If you plan to use Mac OS, then I'd like to recommend that you try Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac.
    It is very powerful, practical and convenient to use.
    And it fully supports Leopard.
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