Vista a Dud?

I heard lots of rumor from various people at different IT company's comparing Vista to Windows ME and indicating that Vista is largely being ignored in the business community. A lot of businesses I deal are buying Vista but then down grading to Windows XP.

My own experience has seen laptops with a T7200, 2GB of RAM and X1660 chipset run like a slug and a laptop with T5500 chipset with 512 MB of RAM almost unworkable because it is so slow.

Even desktop computers with Core 2 duo chipset and 1 GB of RAM do not come close to meeting my performance expectations when running simple applications like word 2007.

I still have consistent problems with drivers on older and some newer equipment especially printers and scanners. I've normally resorted to Windows 98 drivers because they work more effectively than the VISTA drivers.

Does anyone else get the impression that Vista is one big bug and next year its probably going to be swept under the carpet with a replacement? I do know that some IT companies are putting an official complaint to Microsoft about the OS.
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  1. sry your absolutly wrong, vista is not a dud, if you buy a PC now with XP (unless you have a reason ie: you work with a non Vista aplication)then yuor a moron.

    However bussisness do right to ignor it most bussiseness will ignor everyother OS. For example the place i work just got XP 3 years ago, before that 98SE not ME or 2k. it would cost to much to upgrade evertytime and the reason vista will be skipped by many because of the length of time XP was up so many bussiness have adopted it so wil skip vista and get vienna in 3 years time, also most bussiness dont adopt til a second edition or SP

    oh and vista runs fine on my C2D e6300 and 2gb
  2. Everyone's experience with Vista differs in some fashion. It's really strange that on the hardware you mention, Vista doesn't run according to your expectations. I haven't had the chance to run the final version... but when I was running the final RC, I didn't notice that Vista was significantly slower than XP... and I'm running an Athlon64 3700+ with 1GB of RAM and a Radeon 9700 Pro video card.

    I hope you were mistaken when you mention Windows 98 drivers... as I really don't see 9x drivers running on the NT kernel... if that is the case, then no wonder you're experiencing issues with Vista. I've used Win XP drivers in Vista... but certainly not 9x drivers.
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