Windows ME and DDR2?

I am assembling a PC from spare parts so that I can make a "retro" gaming machine. By this I mean, I have a TON of games from dating as far back as Windows 3.1. I would like to run them natively (ie. using as little "compatibility mode" as possible). For most, I am installing Windows XP as it can handle PC games in its simple to use compatibility mode for windows 9x, however, I would PREFER to use Windows ME (I know, I know...) because it is the "latest" Windows 9x OS available. (No need for compatibility mode..)

Question is, will Windows ME/9x recognize DDR2 memory? My mainboard is a "P4M800PRO-M V.1.0A" bye ECS. It allows for DDR2 OR DDR400 (in separate slots of course, and not simultaneously..) I don't have ANY DDR, nor do I wish to put ANY money into this machine. CPU is a LGA775 Celeron.

Any questions, comments about my post, PLEASE ask. I am working on installing the XP portion as we speak.

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  1. Memory type is irrelevant... it's a matter of whether or not you can find drivers for the chipset. The OS doesn't care about what type of RAM is in your system... as long as it can "talk" to it.
  2. the P4M800Pro is defiantly windows 9x compatible, therefor DDR2 compatible.
    I cant link directly to VIA's download site for that driver but here is a link to the driver itself.
  3. Windows ME will work with most new cpus, ram, chipsets and gpu's, with the due tweaks. I got Win98 running on my PC, with a core2 duo, 2 gb ram ddr2, a 9600gt and a Sata hdd. Even though i had some driver issues it worked great. Be aware that you'll need an old gpu in order to have decent 3d acceleration, cause new gpus are unsupported for win9x/ME and 3d games will suck with the standard VGA driver or the 'vesa' drivers...
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