Can someone please suggest a great anti virus program please

i keep getting virus and spyware and so i was looking for a good program that can detect these things to make sure my pc runs at its best..

currently i have Zone Alarm pro and a free copy of avg anti virus but for some reason avg anti virus keeps finding trojan horse viruses while zone alarm finds one piece of spyware... so i have no idea what to do.. im quite sure both programs are missing things so can anyone suggest good anti virus software please and thanks :D
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  1. nod32, but you have to pay for it. stop downloading things that give you viruses (keygens)
  2. I would recommend Kaspersky Anti Virus program as the best one.
  3. Here you can find plenty of free security programs feel free to try several to see which one works better for you
  4. I have the same question. Out of AVG, Avast and Kaspersky, which is the best FREE Anti-virus program?

    AVG has had errors recently and won't update.

    Avast had one error just today ('package broken') and I am not sure if it's fixed now.

    I don't know anything about Kaspersky and whether it is available for free and if it is, if it's as effective as the other two. I've been told to only use one program and I installed both AVG and Avast. Therefore, I guess I need to choose one. Which one?
  5. Nod32 is the best antivirus system
    easyer , strongly .powerfull

    Latest Version
    NOD32 AntiVirus 2.7.39
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