Anything I can use to resize HD partitions with reformating?

Does anyone know of a good product one can use to resize partitions on a HD without losing data or OS? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

God bless,

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  1. Ubuntu Live CD
    Boot with it then resize the partition with gparted
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  3. No one asked what OS you're running, and that's significant. Vista allows resizing partitions. If running earlier versions of Windows, you need a partitioning program such as Partition Magic, Partition Manager, or various other such programs. Or, yeah, I understand Ubuntu Live CD is an option.
  4. Sorry for failing to mention the OS details in my original post. By the way, it is Win XP. Thanks for your help.

    God bless :)

  5. You could even just use the gparted live CD. Same apps as the Ubuntu install but stand alone. It's a much smaller download.
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