My first time building a computer...Help!

Hey guys, its my first time building a computer. I've got all the parts picked out that I want to use in the build, but I wanted to run it by some experts to make sure all the parts are compatible. Also any advice on alternatives would be great. We basically want the computer to work for general web browsing and school use. But we also want to be able to play newer games on at least moderate settings. We wont be using it for video editing or anything like that. Anyway, here are the components (along with the monitor and all that):

I was going to get 2 of the fans juat to be safe. I was also curious if i could get the OEM version of Windows 7 since it is so much cheaper. Or is that only for manufacturing use? I was also going to get a Pixxo keyboard and mouse combo for like $20. My grand total on Newegg is $935.74, but any suggestions on bringing the price down would be great. We really need the computer. Our laptops are dead and I just typed this whole thing on an iPad.

Thanks for the quick responses
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  1. its much easier if you list the part descriptions here instead of just linking. i for one am not going to click through each link.

    yes.. oem windows 7 is fine. i use nothing but the oem versions.

    never heard about pixxo, sounds like a cheap knockoff brand. sure it would work but quality isnt likely as high as other brands.
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