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Hello! :) I had posted this on "Graphic Cards" though I think posting here would be more appropiate...:
Not long ago I found some of my old Win95/98 games and also discovered some very interesting ones on Abandonia, and wanted to give them a try. I took all the cautions as this was old software and Win7 doesn't get along too well with it, but most of them turned up to have compatibility issues with my current system. I played some anyway, though they had all kind of anoying quirks, even I couldn't get the most out of them graphically :/
About a year ago, I installed Win98 (just out of couriosity) and the first to come up were problems with modern hardware, especially with memory and the GPU. I eventually got around it all and I got my Win98 up and running, though I had to use some glitchy graphics driver to get some 3D acceleration (which didn't work well with games)- since I found my 9600gt was totally unsupported. I tried Virtual Machines but they didn't give good results, nor most of the hacks and "emulators" I found.
Now I'm about to get an AMD/ATI Card and the question arose again; Is there any way I could have good DirectX and other 3D acceleration capabilities if I install Win98 again?
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance!
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  1. Extremely unlikely, given that 9x is not even a consideration nowadays. Even Windows XP is getting left behind (no DX10 or later). To use a modern computer, you need a modern OS. If you want something that will run 98 and games designed for that OS, you're better off building an "old" machine... one with the fastest DX9 AGP card and fastest processor platform you can get with an AGP slot.
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  3. OK thanks!
  4. Discussion about this subject is now taking place at the graphics card forum, with the same title.

    Many improvements have taken place!
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    Geforce 8 series are Win98 compatible ATI x850 was the last card to work.
  6. CompTIA_Rep said:
    Geforce 8 series are Win98 compatible ATI x850 was the last card to work.

    Do you know where I can find those Geforce 8 drivers for Win98. On Nvidias site, the newest series that supports Win98 is Geforce 6.


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