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I am having display problems with two applications under winows XP. The control software that comes with my Asus MB called AIsuite and also the Nvidia GPU monitoring program. Both use those fixed graphical interfaces (ie not windows standard) a bit like winamp etc. Both show very messed up interfaces on my system with icons in wrong places, text running off edge of GUI etc. I was suspicious it was to do with my windows font settings so removed cleartype and insured size was set to normal. However, the glitches still show up. Does ayone have any other ideas as to what it might be?

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  1. What resolution are u running at? Do u have third party or Windows themes running? Do you have the lastest version video driver and the latest version of the two utility programs? You said glitches, does that mean it happens just part of the time or all of the time? Did you reinstall the two programs?
    Need some more info to help..
  2. sorry for the missing info...

    I am running at 1600x1200 with no themes running. I have the latest version of the nvidia drivers and have also tried one previous version to check but that showed exaclty the same errors. By glitches I mean a corrupted GUI - they happen all of the time and always in the same way. For example in the Nvidia NVMonitor app the size of the GUI is too small so half of the check boxes and readings run off the edge and cant be used. With AI suite, the GUI graphics for the buttons are all over the place and the icons for 'close, 'minimise' etc all run off the end of the title bar.

  3. Can you try lowering your res to 1280x1024 and see what happens.
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