Vista/Ubuntu 7.10 dual boot bootloader problem

Hello, I have looked at countless tutorials on how to dual boot Vista and Ubuntu and seems so easy, but
it hasnt worked that way for me so far. This is exactly what I did.

Shrank volume in Vista to get some free space
Started 7.10 live cd
Hit install
Went through the steps
Selected use largest continuous free space
But when it gets to the last step the Vista bootloader under migration assistant is not recognized. I tried
it once before without the bootloader being recognized and it just wiped out Vista. How can I get
this to work?

When I get to the manual partition step it is listed so far like this.

----------------mount point
/dev/sda1 ntfs /media/sda1 20966
/dev/sda2 -----------------41943
free space -----------------17000

Okay so right now I have my Vista on the sda1 20966, the 41943 is my D drive partition
which I will make a ntfs and use in Vista . The free space is unallocated. Nowfirst how
should I chop up the free space for Ubuntu and then should they be primary or logical
and what should the mount points be listed as. Also on the windows partitions what
should their mount points be and should they be primary or logical?

After I complete this step, when I get to the point where it should show the recognized
Vista bootloader if it does not again. Is there something in the advanced option I should do?
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  1. problem solved!
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