cant connect to my vpn in ubuntu 7.10

Hello, I have no idea if I am setting this up right as I am used to using Windows
for this process I have the VPN installed but when I try to connect it will not. I
am wondering if I have the configuration set correctly. Any help would be greatly
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  1. Hi danc2heaven,

    I honestly haven't played with VPN in Ubuntu before (On the list though!), but if you could provide some print screens or post up your configuration settings, it would make it a lot easier to help you.

    Look forward to googling this up myself :D
  2. Well, all I have done so far is enter my address in the gateway section just like you would set it up in windows and then leave everything at the default settings but nothing. I have no idea what to adjust the settings to since I am used to using windows vpn.
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