Windows server 2003 boot to dos with no floppy disk?

I need to flash update the firmware to a device in my windows 2003 system. The file says:

"The DOS flash utility (flashelf.exe) is used to update controller firmware. The utility must run under pure DOS environment. It cannot run in a DOS box on Windows system. You should boot from a DOS floppy without any device drivers."

How can I do this without a floppy drive?
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  1. Use a USB external floppy drive?
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    Or an internal one. Cheap on eBay. I'd feel more secure, for I had bad experience with early Usb.

    Other option: make a bootable Cd by burning the image of a Dos floppy on it. But if the flashing programme wants to write on the floppy, as is probably the case, you've lost. If it tries to write on the Cd, it won't work; if it writes in the image in Ram of the Cd, you lose the written information - for instance the image of the previous firmware version.

    Next option: go with your floppy and your controller to a computer that has a floppy drive.

    Such a case is one of the good reasons to keep a floppy drive on a computer, even if you deactivate it most of the time.
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