I'm into networking/network security. Which language is good with it?

The topic is pretty self explanatory. My first project is to build a reliable SMTP server.

I know ZERO (0) about programming... my first thought was Visual basic... but that is dying, plus it's too visual and I'm way too cool for that
No, seriously, it looks uterly unpowerfull.

Then I thought "let's do things right and go with C++"... but it's kinda kamikaze since it's so darn complicated.

So... I thought... Borland Delphi 2007!!!
I've read some guy recommending it... it seems it is similar to pascal (or based on it) and people recommended pascal to start... PLUS I've seen some projects @ sourceforge.net written in Delphi... plus it's not terrible complicates to begin with.

My medium-long term objective is to learn C++ and/or java... but right now I want a semi powerfull and semi easy language which I can use to write network applications with.

Whatcha think?
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  1. Well, if you see my posts number, you'll see that is my second one. But I'm a four-years-experienced programmer. I work in a lot of languages. If you wanna work with networks I would recommend c++ or java, but these languages are very hard to learn by someone that doesn't know any language. In networks, I like to use Delphi+indy 10 library, that is a set of components that you can use for networking. With indy you can create servers and clients to a lot of protocols including SMTP, you also can create encrypted connections using SSL.

    Indy is **FREE*** and can be downloaded here:


    in my blog you can find some info about it:


  2. Mail server? you can use one without needing to program it if you really tried, but how about Perl / Bash scripting, it would help you out administrating. Stay away from delphi, not applicable in server environments.
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