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My apologies if this thread has already been covered.

I was thinking of trying to dualboot Windows XP, and Linux Ubuntu. I want to use Windows as gaming, and heavy media platform, but from what I've heard, Linux seems to be more streamlined for graphics work (with software such as the GIMP and the Blender) and media editing in general.
Seeing that this version of Linux is free, it seems that there is nothing I could lose.
However, I don't know how to dual boot... anything for that matter. Could anyone give me some tips for dual booting, or links to a good tutorial?

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  1. Dual booting Ubuntu and windows is very simple:

    1. Download the Ubuntu live CD: www.ubuntu.com
    2. Set to boot from CD-ROM, you will boot into a full linux system that runs of of the CD drive, click install on the desktop when ready, the installer holds you hand through a dual boot process

    If you get stuck: ubuntuforums.org

    note: as I have been using linux for a while, I have forgotten mistakes that are easy to make as a newbie, I will subscribe to this thread, post any questions that you have.
  2. thanks :)
  3. There are several other versions of linux that you could try in the event that ubuntu doesn't turn out to be your cup of tea. If you are going for the whole media editing thing, you might want to try ubuntustudio (http://ubuntustudio.org/). Also you might want to try out SimplyMEPIS or Linux Mint as I have heard those are also pretty good for linux newbies. Currently I use ubuntu myself, but the first distribution that i tried (and actually liked more) was Fedora. Pretty much all of these distributions come with a liveCD that you can try out, but also if your machine is new (read: beefy) enough, you could go and get a free copy of VMware and install it under windows and then make a bunch of linux virtual machines to see which one you like best.

    The whole idea behind linux and open source is freedom and choice, so if you don't like one version, by all means try another and find what works for you. Good luck man.

  4. But you should install XP before Ubuntu, for GRUB* can recognize the XP.
    Let to install Ubuntu for last.

    *GRUB is a boot loader.

    Good luck and God Bless.
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