Dynamic drives are offline after boot

I am using Windows XP professional in Intel D975XBX2 main board. It
has two separate RAID capable SATA controllers.
I have connected two Western Digital 74Gb drives in first controller in HW RAID0 configuration, and all works perfectly OK.

In second controller I have connected three Western Digital 250Gb drives. When I use them as "normal" separate drives, all works OK as expected.

BUT, when I change 250GB units to dynamic drives and make Windows software RAID5 array, I have problem in boot. Allways after boot the 250GB drives remains offline. I can ofcource switch them online easily, but how to force windows do it automatically in boot ????

The last work around would be some script after the boot doing the job for me automatically, but how to write it, and where to put ????

Thanks in advance,

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  1. do you have the raid option checked in the bios for the second controller?
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