Dead CPUs (Yes Plural) Please Help!

Ok Guys,

I have had 3 CPU's die on me in the last month.
I have replaced everything but the ram and the case.

I am using a core 2 e6300 and here is what happens.

I would come into the room and notice the power was off on the system.
Previously it was on. Then it never powers up again. (No fans...)
It is definately a dead cpu since I replaced it with a cheap celeron cpu and it powers up again.

I have used 2 motherboards
an Asus P5L-VM 1394 and a Gigabyte GA-965GM-S2

I am really thinking it might be a cheap multi-card reader that I plug into the motherboard. My guess is that it shorts out when it is commanded to sleep. (or just shorts out after a while).

Temps don't seem to be an issue as it was idle at about 29 and loaded at 52

The only thing I can think of is that one of the usb, audio or card reader(USB) connections to the motherboard is killing the CPU when it goes to sleep.

What do you guys think???

Thanks in advanced
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  1. You need a new PSU
  2. I have use 2 different ones.
    One was a cheapo one and then the other was an antec trio 550W.

    I ran the cheapo one for about 3 months and then I
    put a 8800GTS inside and tried a tiny overclock and
    then within a week it died.
    So I put in a new power supply removed the 8800 and put
    in a cheap test celeron cpu. Lasted about a week and then
    I replaced the motherboard with a different brand and got the
    replacement e6300 from Intel over clocked it a bit and it was
    working fine for 1 day. I was able to crunch 4 videos at the
    same time and the temp only got up to 52 C.

    Do you think both power supplies might be involved??
  3. Are you using a surge protector on your mains? If not, get one as your problem may be mains spikes (my house is dreadful for em...bulbs popping, trip switches tripping etc).

    I would have thought that the Antec PSU would not cause the problem as I have read good(ish) things about them on this very forum.

    If you suspect the cheapo card reader then don't plug it in!
  4. Thanks for your advice.

    I have 2 computers plugged into the same outlet strip.
    Perhaps I will replace it.

    Best Regards,
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