how to dual boot ubuntu and win XP?

I'm trying to install ubuntu on a 224.9GB with 77.5GB free space HDD that has Windows XP SP2 Installed on it I want to do a dual boot off of it.

When preparing the disk I click "guided - use the largest continuous free space". It says "Failed to partition the selected disk- This probably happened because the selected disk or free space is too small to be automatically partitioned." I click ok then more options appear:
Guided resize SCSI2
partition#2(sda) and use freed space
Guided - use entire disk
Guided - use the largest continous free space
I click manual, here's a screen shot of what it shows:

I really am lost at this point so I just choose the 3rd option because I know fat32 is windows and I belive the free space is the D: partition used by HP as a system restore. So that leaves me with that one. I high light it and click forward, error says "No root file system - No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu."
Any body know what I should do?
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  1. Your root partition for Ubuntu must be ext3 ( the default linux filesysystem ).

    You can either delete the FAT32 partition and replace it with a Linux ext3 partition or you can shrink your NTFS partition.

    If you decide to shrink your NTFS partition make sure you backup your data first.

    GL :)
  2. This is "jeff123" I was in linux when I wrote this so I can display details and forgot my password to this account so I just made a random one, now I'm back in windows :)

    so if i was to delete the FAT32 partition would windows still work or what? I'm new to partitions and what not so I'm really lost.


    It should be safe to delete the FAT32 partition but make sure you backup important files first just in case.

    Make sure you do not delete the NTFS partition by accident.

    GL :)
  4. Thanks alot I deleted FAT32 partition and installed in that partition and it works great
  5. Sweet :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    Enjoy Ubuntu :)
  6. I have a question. I posted it in the XP section because it is an experience and problem as a result of installing XP after Windows 2000 and two Linux operating systems are already installed.

    The Linux operating systems (two distros) appear to be gone or disappeared? OR invisible. I don't know how else to describe it. It is a result of Windows 'deciding' to rearrange the partition setup or sequencing. The Linux disk arrangement shows that the two Linux operating systems are 'missing' or erased. If the two operating systems were, sda4 and sda5 (just to name an example), the drive sequence doesn't show either anymore. GParted shows sda1, sda2 and sda3 where sda1 is Windows 2000, sda2 is XP and sda3 is NTFS (partition) respectively. It's not exactly that but I'm on another computer posting this and can't check the exact sequence and setup.

    Is there any way of recovering the Linux operating systems? Does anyone recognize this problem who can explain to me exactly what happned and whether I can get the Linux distros back? Usually, there is a standard set of instructions for installing Linux or Windows when the other is already installed.

    But, in my scenario, a version of Windows and a Linux distro or two is already installed and I wanted to install XP. I thought that it would be a case of having to re-install a boot loader (for e.g., Grub or GAG) but nothing worked.

    I hope someone can help. I would like to try a couple of things if possible before throwing in the towel and trying to re-install the Linux distros.
  7. boot from a linux rescue disk boot: linux rescue see if it detects any linux filesystems

    when it drops to the shell you can try to mount the filesystems and see if they are still there

    mkdir /tmp/mountpoint
    mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/mountpoint

    rinse and repeat

    if you have a redhat like distro your root filesystem usually gets mounted under /mnt/sysimage

    you can try /sbin/grub-install --recheck /dev/sda or chroot /mnt/sysimage and /sbin/grub-install --recheck /dev/sda

    you may have to pass a few more agruments to grub-install like --root-directory= and --grub-shell=

    GL :)
  8. No linux operating systems are 'detected' or seen. Windows seemed to hide them? Windows 2000 was already installed. Three Linux operating systems were also installed. Each had their own partition. Windows XP left the 2000 partition alone. But, Grub nor GAG allows either Windows to boot up individually. There IS a Windows boot loader but while in GAG, I can select the Windows XP boot and either Windows 2000 or XP becomes available to boot up.

    The Linux partitions are not visible whatsoever (non-NTFS). I don't know why. The previous disk arrangement (sda1, sda2 etc. etc.) was modified and whatever the Linux distros/partitions were are gone or not visible. System Rescue CD and GAG shows this. I have not heard nor read of this. It's baffling. I might try to dublicate the scenario with another computer that I'm experimenting with. If you know or recognize what happened, please explain.
  9. Can you post the output of fdisk -l and hdparm -I /dev/sda for us?

    Hate to speculate but it sounds like they may have gotten deleted.
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