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IE can't access tomshardware webpage

:pt1cable: Hi all hope you all can help me.........

im using 64-bit vista ultimate.... i can't access tomshardware webpage when i try using my IE. i have install flash and shockwave add on and also jre but still can't access the webpage. i already disable pop up blocker and also set the security and privacy to low setting. i already add the webpage as a trusted site....:pt1cable: but still........can't. but when im using window xp(i'm dual booting) i can access the webpage..... both using ie7..... both os is updated......but i can access other webpage like anandtech or im already confused why i can't acess this webpage..... it show that it found the webpage but it just keep loading and just stop there even if i wait 10 minutes.... Your help is much appreciated... i like this webpage forum more than the other..... but i never register before just browsing everyone else post....... :hello: hopeeveryone will help me thank you
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    Just one question...when you go to add Tom's Hardware to the Trusted Site list, did you make sure to uncheck "require server verification?" I'm just taking a stab in the dark here, but as far as I know Tom's doesn't support https.
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