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Being a very satisfied XPPro dual monitor desktop user -- I've resurrected a Dell W98 laptop (a 5GB Inspiron 3800) and have been seduced by its moderate standalone performance. But there are predictable gaps. Like drivers/connecting issues. Query?

Is it worth putting some money/effort into:
making this broadband copacetic
making it wifi capable (external modem?)

Granted, upgrades will be memory-challenged -- but it seems a possible portable aid.

What do you think? A waste of time/money or not?
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  1. Depends on how much money and how much use you get out of the money you spend. All you really need is either a USB or PCMCIA wireless card compatible with Win98 and you're in business.
  2. Easy. Ebay for cheap. Pick up an oder PCMCIA wireless adapter and Nic Adapter (if it doesn't have one) for under $10 bucks. Heck, go to a mom/pop PC store I bet they have one in back old enough to have Win98 drivers.

    You should also be able to upgrade to max memory via ebay or local store for cheap. Crucial.com will tell you what you need.
  3. Replies appreciated. If a couple of other issues are solved (the BayManager seems inop and DVDs aren't recognized in their drive). Will let you know if successful.
  4. Thanks. Too much effort, even after consulting local chain store gurus. I should have made more of this years ago.
  5. no problem.
    Glad we could help.
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