Linux and Adobe

I am interested in learning lynux.
If I do I will go with a dual boot, no problems there

My question is?
will adobe cs3 run in lynux

I do not want a virtual windows, that defeats the piont

I use CS3 all day for everything. I really only use computers for CS3
so if it wont then there isnt really any reason for me to run lynux.
Is there?
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  1. It looks like you are plain out of luck on that one. I found a linux format thread on just this subject:

    If it HAS to be CS3 then no you can not run it natively under Linux and WINE support is just not there yet. I'm sure others will point to the GIMP as a replacement application that does run under linux and also under windows so you could try it and see if it will allow you to do what you need to do.
  2. Crossover might help, check it out.

    Photoshop 7 should run ok for the most part.

    CS3 maybe with a lot of luck.

    GIMP is a great application, while not as flashy as photoshop it is very good.

  3. Its not up to me as to what program to run,
    unfortunitly, it is up to my customers. They have to be able to open and use the files I create.

    Its not photoshop Im worried about
    I need Flash CS3 illustrator CS3
  4. nice article
    Im one of those few who actually understand how an os should work and loves adobe

    I hate mac and Im mad at MS over Vista
    but I am a web design and I cant work effeciently without the CS3 suite
  5. As the web is supposed to be just a set of open standards isn't it sad that you find yourslef in that position. Thought for the day - Is adobe actually just doing the same thing MS has done with closed standards?
  6. If you have a decent Dual core, you could run vmware or Qemu. I find it quite snappy with my dual core laptop has virtualizing instructions in the cpu. I use Qemu every day running XP at work, 3d apps do not run terribly fast, but 2d apps run just like everything else.

    The new CPU's make it feel just like a regular session.
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