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My friend has a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V 3405 laptop and he recently upgraded to windows vista ultimate 32 bit. When he upgraded, his wireless connection stopped working. He can't turn on the wireless connection for some reason so he's limited to using a wired connection. Why is it doing that? I downloaded/installed the latest software/drivers for the wireless hardware and it's still not working. What could be the problem and how can I fix it? It was working with windows xp so why not vista? and yes, the software/drivers that were installed were for vista. ALL help is appreciated.

I realize that this has nothing to do with CPUs, but to be honest the networking division of this forum is practically...dead.

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  1. Were they Vista drivers?
  2. Quote:
    Were they Vista drivers?

    Yes...they were vista drivers.
  3. Try Checking the fire wall it an outside chance
    also be sure they are Vista drivers & not XP
    and that they are the Manafacture's drivers
  4. vista has witelss issues unistall and reinstall the device
    re-enter the codes for secerity
  5. you didn't state if there was any type of WiFi encrpytion set up in the AP/WiFi Router. if there are make sure those key(s) are entered, also check in the device manager to make sure that vista hasn't turned off the WiFi card to save power. another thing you might try to even know that the WiFi card is up and running and the OS can see it, is a IPConfig /all, if both the wired and WiFi cards are working it will list the MACs, IPs, etc. If only the wired is showing up then you know that there is a driver problem, or Vista has turned off the WiFi adapter to save power. Also some laptops will auto shut down one connection when another is plugged in. I.E. wired is on so WiFi won't work or vice versa.
  6. NightScope Is this any use to you? :- http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=938194
  7. Wrong section...belongs in networking and/or software.
  8. Im havin ths problem too, but i got a virus n now the wirless fing dont cum up wen u press 'fn' and 'f1' HELP ME PLZ!!!!
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