creating a swap partition for win xp sp2

I know the basic stuff in creating a swap partition.

My question is, should I have it on the first partiton on my second drive or is it ok to have it at the last? One reason I ask is that I have a second drive that has files on it, now I would be creating a new partition using PM 8, and that would place the swap partition on the last part. By changing the drive letter, will it make it as the first partition or not?

Also I have a 2 GB of ram and i would be creating a 4.5 GB of swap partition, is this still ok?

my second drive is a Seagate SATA II w/ 16 mb cache .10 model.

thank you
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  1. By swap partition do you mean virtual memory?
    If that is correct you should put it in a different hard drive than the one that has windows, it will be a little bit faster.
    If you have it on the same hard drive than windows the reader will have to go back and forth between the system files and the page file, but if it is on a different drive they can be accessed at the same time.

    If you have 2GB of RAM your probably not going to use the page file too much so I think 4.5 GB is too much, you can easily get by with 2GB and I still think that is overkill
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