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I recently have collected all the parts needed from various places whether it be in the trash, thrift stores, and so forth to build and old school computer. I literally have no money out of pocket here for this. Here is the specs and afterwords I will ask my questions if you dont mind. :)

Pentium III 550mhz (have a spare 500mhz as well)
ATI rage128 video card. (AGP)
256 megs of pc-100 ram (TONs of other ram chip configs as well)
30 gig IDE hard drive (with a 4 and 10 gig spare)
OS choices win95/98 Ms-dos 6.21 and a few others I think

I would like too play all the old dos games from my childhood on this machine as well as some of the earlier games that ran under windows. Like bioforge etc. Emulation has been kinda a failure as some games just wont work correctly in dosbox.

My question is this, its been a long time since I have messed with the older OS's out there. Didnt win95 has MSdos built in it so it was 100% compatible with all msdos games? OR am I looking at a possibility of creating a dual booting the system?

Thanks in advance for all of your answers, suggestions, and hate comments. :)
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    Win9x had a full version of DOS. Compatibility is another thing (hardware issues like soundcard, video card, irq settings, even CPU speed).

    And make sure to play a game of (bumper?) and the Weezer music video.
  2. Ahh yes! I forgot to mention I have an old creative labs soundcard as well! Back in the early 90's is when I got my first computer which was a 386DX/40 with 4 megs of ram. Obviously I was limited in what I could do so I figured since I am hording all these precious parts people are throwing away everyday that I could build a pc to give me a "premium" old school gaming experience that i missed out on.

    Im slightly concerned about the CPU being to fast and if so, I DO have a mobo with a 350mhz cpu and a possible option of downgrading it to 233mhz.
  3. Ya the CPU speed ruined a few games of mine that I don't remember any more. One was a kickass racing game in the future, with loops and I believe guns on the cars. It had little videos of a commentator after each progression. I wish I could remember the name as I would like the music to it.
  4. The game you mention is called "Mega race". Its the one with the cheesey acting by the super thin older guy. I remember that game! I was so in awe at how the graphics for this game looked. I mean, it have VIDEO!
  5. Thats it ya!
  6. Its not cpu speed that affects Mega Race so much as cd-rom drive speed. The game was made with 2x drives in mind and the races are read off the disc like fmv, and the game can be read a bit too fast on newer drives. Its not a big deal until you hit the speed boost markers, then all the sudden they can send you flying because your drive will read the disc far faster then originally intended.
  7. I found that the entire game runs in super speed mode last I tried. But its been awhile.
  8. Driver Guide is a great place to acquire drivers for the older hardware.

    The biggest problems I ran into when I setup similar to your quest to play my older games was first off finding drivers for the hardware, and secondly remembering all I had forgotten about those older operating systems.

    Juggling IRQs to get it all to work smoothly together is an imperative revisit of the old brain matter as CompTIA_rep has already mentioned, what you're after is a challenge, and a lot of fun but frustrating sometimes too!

    Good Luck in your endeavor! Ryan
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