Windows XP Is Screwed!!!!!!

OK.... I need you boys help!!!!

I got my new system.. its been working like a dream, a proper gaming behemoth!!!!

Having got my 22" monitor on friday, I decided that now was the time to give it an overclock and see how it would do.

I used Ntune (I know I know!) and it hung a couple of times during its mucking about with clock speeds, etc.

I went out to sort something out in the garden, came back in and the screen had gone black during another hang.

I reset the computer and on boot up windows would start up with the same black screen.

I reset again and tried to boot up in safe mode. But safe mode hung on the MUS.sys.

I then tried restoring my default settings in the bios, which didn't work, or booting up with the last known good configuration, but still to no avail.

I put the window xp recovery disk in to try to run windows recovery tool, but it too hung when "searching for previous versions of windows..."

So now i'm stumped!? What can I do to fix this??? Its driving me mad.... curse Nvidia and its inferior toolset :fou: !!!

Please help!!! :(
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  1. Do you seriously think it might be a hardware issue.... I can't see that Ntune would break the computer, surely????/

    I'm not massively confident when it comes to this sort of thing, so would i justr boot the computer from the disk, wipe the hardrive, and then use the windows disk to reinstall???
  2. cool i'll give it a go.

    I don't think i have cooked anything, as windows will load, it just goes black on boot up. I'm pretty sure its just software..... bloody windows breaks the moment you try anything out of the ordinary!

    Cheers for your help, where can i get live from? :o)
  3. Brill, i'll try it and see how it goes. Thanks :)
  4. babsta said:

    bloody windows breaks the moment you try anything out of the ordinary!

    Of course it's windows fault!
  5. Its much easier to blame windows then take the responsibility myself.

    I got some feedback from a few other people, and they seem to think that its a harddrive issue more than a hardware.

    Just gonna format windows and reinstall!

  6. dmroeder said:
    Of course it's windows fault!

    Please post your results of the re-install, I'm curious.
  7. Hi, I finally found time to fix the pc.

    It turns out that the recovery disk I had was corrupted, I used a different one and it worked first time.

    Had to remformat tho :o( oh well

    Thanks for all your help.
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