Norton Internet Security 2007 GAARRGH HELP!!!

ok, my laptop used to run fast. but i installed NIS 2007 on my laptop recently, and now it takes like 5 minutes longer to finish loading into windows, and then its like 25% slower or more from then on. Im already aware that norton is a resource hog and not even the best in its field but there must be someway to lower the resources it uses without uninstalling it. Also i've quite frankly spent too much time installing it and then configuring it to run on my network and all that stuff that i refuse to uninstall it and try something different until ive tried everything to make it run faster. anyone know any tricks on how to speed up boot time and/or lower resources?

p.s. please dont tell me to uninstall or try AVG or norton sucks etc ;)

I appriciate all the genuine help and informative input, thanks a ton in advance ppl :)
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  1. anyone? :(
  2. well i have been using norton for a long time, but this year i decided to try NOD 32, and now my pc load faster and everything is super, maybe if you try finding some info in google or by going to the support page of Norton and ask them about it, but other than that i cant help much here.
  3. Sorry to break your rules but simple put...

    Norton sucks

    I am sorry but I have tried for a few months to lower usage to no avail, as I type this message norton is currently uninstalling and I am replacing it with Zonealarm Free, Spybot search and destroy, and Avast antivirus, I might also install bitdefender.
  4. don't go places that a virus is able to enter, now there are melware and spyware/security and personally the best I've use and just recently is ubiblue spyeraser,registry booster,speedupmypc. norton internet security does suck, the antivirus is not quite as bad but it too slows down the computer at boot up, some features have to be disable at start up to help the loading process. My I suggest at least trying uniblue spyeraser free trial but uninstall all other stuff you currently use to handle your spyware and optimization of system.
    Look for trial of spyeraser.
  5. I used Norton products for years, and while NIS/NAV 2007 was a huge improvement over the previous versions in terms of resource usage, it is still a ridiculously sluggish program. And their support absolutely sucks. The worst thing is there is absolutely nothing you can do to improve its performance short of buying faster hardware.

    I moved to NOD32 a few months ago and now actively resell it to my clients. I was sceptical at first, but I have been pleasantly amazed at how you can barely tell it's there!
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