NewEgg Item Question?!?!

I ordered a HDD and a motherboard yesterday from newegg. In the same day it processed my order, today in the morning it said it had shipped (well not in ups truck yet but label is printed and stuff).

the MotherBoard I ordered now says it is "out of stock.". I'm really worried this means my motherboard wont be shipped because of this, but since it said shipped and packaged before it said out of stock does this mean my motherboard was already packaged and I have nothing to worry about?

anyone ever had this experience before on any website let me know and tell me how it went.
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  1. Looks like you got one of the last ones in stock. The order shipped so, yes, your mobo will be in the order... they are real good about letting you know if there is a delay in any part of the order. NewEgg is also real good about their inventories - it is very unlikely that you would be able to make a purchase of an out-of-stock item.
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