compatability issues with 64 bit vista?

this is purely out of curiosity, but how many programs/games do people KNOW have issues with 64 bit vista? It might be good for people to know
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  1. I've certainly come across problems with both applications and games when using Vista x64. Most applications that do have a problem state quite clearly they aren't meant for 64-bit, but really the programs that do so usually have a separate 64-bit version. There are some that don't fit that pattern, but apparently none were notable enough for me to recall.

    I have come across two specific game issues, however, as I test a fairly large amount of titles on Vista.

    1) ArMA/Armed Assault - appears to have a bug with ATI drivers + Vista x64
    Note: I believe this is a known issue and may be fixed, but meanwhile it might be fixable by using either an older driver or the default driver (may also be possible to mod a driver)

    2) Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood - cannot install because of Starforce copy protection
    Note: This is a known issue and it seems unlikely it will be fixed officially (at least for this specific case)
  2. ok, so no other games? I suppose the older they are the less likely it is they will work generally, so anyone know any others?
  3. There's a list going on over at the H, but it's a pretty good bet that anything with a 16-bit installer is going to require a workaround if not a virtual machine. The in-between titles are hit the hardest (not too old, not too new).
  4. ok i'll look
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