Issues with ati catalyst control centre for vista 32-bit

when installing all the drivers for my laptop i decided to put on the newest update of ccc for 32-bit vista, not thinking much i selected basic view in the installation screen instead of advanced, it gives me no option to change to advanced view and all after re-instaling many time the problem still occurs

any help or people with similiar situations pls post it isn't so much the fact my system will melt without it but was wondering whether it is a vista problem/bad software/ or just me
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  1. ATI control software has had known issues with Vista even before RC1 and has been very slow to resolve them. I stopped using ccc because of the various issues it had with Vista. If you can remove the software but keep your display driver, I would suggest it.
  2. If you navigate to Start > All Programs > Catalyst Control Center, you should see a program called "CCC Advanced." Clicking on this will open the advanced version of Catalyst.
  3. I have had a similar issue with ATI CCC & Vista as well.
    I bought a brand new Laptop with Vista Ultimate and ATI CCC already loaded and running. It has managed to work for 3 months then 2 weeks ago it downloaded an automatic update and bam.... Issues....

    It wont shut down properly, it wont open properly especially with Vistas resume feature. There is no option for a dry boot without resume. It takes about 6 - 8 times of turning it on and off before you can get in. Originally I tried waiting when it was on the Logging Out or Welcome Screen for upto 2 days nothing just the stupid vista thinking circle going round and round.

    It wont let me shut the CCC down, It wont let me repair it, I am fearing I am going to have to reinstall all my programs starting with windows from scratch....

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