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I just found another great use for NLite. I wanted to do a clean install on a friend's HP computer with MCE 2005 but I did not have an OEM copy of the OS. I did not want to use the craplet infected recovery disks. Instead I installed NLite and pointed it to the i386 folder on the recovery disk to extract the installation files and then NLite created a clean ISO. Goodbye to all the HP infected ****!
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  1. cool, did it recognize everything properly that way?
  2. Actually I have not tried yet. From running NLite everything looked Ok but when I examine files on the resulting Win CD I am not so sure. If I wasn't afraid of infected files I would download Media Center Edition via bittorrent. I plan to try the WinLite CD on a spare HD as a test before overwriting a good partition.
  3. Please let us know what happened.
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